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13 Jul

50 Discoveries for the NT

1. Stable caves– one particular one could be the birth place of Christ

2. Nazareth- Jesus’ home town

3. Cana- The wedding city and first miracle site

4 Bethsaida- birthplace of Peter, Andrew and Philip

5. House church of Capernum- possible home of Peter, (can’t be proven)

6. The Capernum Synagogue- ruins built upon another ruined synagogue from Jesus’ time

7. Gergesa- the site of Jesus casting out demons from a man into swine

8. Jacob’s well- Site of Jesus’ discussion with the Samaritan woman

9. Jericho- NOT Joshua’s but the one from Jesus’ time which was a few miles south of the ancient destroyed city

10 Pool of Bethesda- in Jerusalem, site of Jesus healing the paralyzed man

11 Bethany- where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead

12 Caiaphas’s Family Tomb- bone boxes or ossuaries with Caiaphas’s name on one

13 Pontius Pilate inscription- oldest appearance of Pilate’s name

14 Crucifixion evidence- the nail through the ancient heel from NT times.

15 Rolling Stone tombs- provides evidence for the gospel accounts

16 Garden tombs-provides evidence for the biblical accounts

17 Pool of Siloam- Jesus sent a blind man here

18 Herodium- Herod’s great palace and final resting place

19 The Madaba Mosaic Map- shows the boundaries of the Promised Land

20 The Galilee boat- a fishing boat from Jesus’ time

21 Tiberias- city founded by Herod Antipas, mentioned once in the Bible

22 Caeseria Philippi- site of Jesus’ famous question ‘who do you think I am?’

23 Caesarea on the Sea- where Paul won his first converts

24 Megiddo Church inscription- provides proof that the early christian church regarded Jesus as divine

25 Sepphoris- Large city near Nazareth

26 10 cities of the Decapolis- Matthew and Mark mention this league of cities

27 Pilate’s praetorium- 8 passages in the NT mention a praetorium

28 The Second Temple- discovered remains of Herod’s temple

29 2nd Temple inscription-  a capstone referring to the ‘place of trumpeting’ for the priests

30 2nd temple sundial- found in a pile of debris in 1969

31 2nd Temple warning- to all gentiles that they could come no further

32 2nd Temple foundation and walls- for the Holy of Holies

33 Arch of Titus- depicts Roman soldiers with 2nd temple artifacts

34 Damascus- city of Paul’s conversion

35 The politarch inscriptions- providing evidence that the word the NT uses was correct and in use at the time

36 The Areopagus at Athens- supports the account in the book of Acts concerning Paul’s presentation of the gospel before Athenian council

37 The Gallo inscription- mentions the Roman governor from Acts 18

38 The Bema at Corinth- Paul was brought to this place Acts 18

39 Ancient Ephesus- city of Paul’s longest sojourn

40 The Erastus inscription- supports Paul’s usage of the name in his letter (Romans 16)

41 Antioch- Paul and Barnabas toiled there

42 Philippi- where Paul first preached in Europe

43 God fearers inscription- support Luke’s usage of the words in the book of Acts

44 Seven churches of Revelation- all seven sites have had archaeological digs carried out

45 Thessalonica- 2 books of the Bible are letters to the church there

46 The Dead Sea Scrolls-

47 The John Ryland Papyrus- oldest copy of the book of John, 125 AD

48 Oldest copy of the book of John- penned in Greek and dates t about 150-200 AD

49 Codex Sinaiticus- oldest complete NT, about 350 AD

50 Ancient historians- who mention Jesus, too many too list

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