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13 Jul

More on the Exodus

I am going to take the opportunity to recap the main points as to why there is no evidence for the sojourn in and exodus from Egypt by the Hebrew people:

1. Joseph sold into slavery- Gen. 37:28, 36.  This was done by his brothers to a middle man who eventually sold Joseph to the Egyptians.  No records or steles, or monuments would be erected to preserve this transaction.

2. Joseph’s promotion–Gen. 41:39-40. Done as a reward and given an Egyptian name which removes the idea of a foreigner being in charge of the country. If records were kept, this would only deserve papyrus NOT a stone monument or stele as no great deed was done to achieve this award.

3. Joseph’s family invited to move to Egypt–Gen. 45: 16-18. An invitation does not warrant permanent preservation for the move was done by invite not conquest. Joseph’s family came voluntarily not by force thus no record would be made or if there was, it would not be done in stone.

4. Jacob’s death– Gen. 50: 2-3.  Jacob’s body was prepared for burial the Egyptian way and accompanied back to Canaan by a host of Egyptians. Any remains would look Egyptian not Hebrew.

5. Joseph’s death-Gen. 50:26- His body was prepared for death the Egyptian way and buried n the country.  It was moved in the Exodus and we have an idea were it is today {}

6. Slavery–Ex. 1:811.  The Hebrew people were already living in Egypt when they were made slaves, they were not captured in some great battle that would be carved into a stele or made into a monument. It was an oppression of existing inhabitants of Egypt.  No fanfare or glorifying of the pharaoh for his accomplishments would be needed.

7. The Plagues– Ex. 7:1 to 12:1.  There is an ancient record of these events but it is either dismissed or re-dated to another era. {}

8. Hebrew property- Though there is no specific scripture reference, just reading Exodus 1 to 6 one sees that the Hebrew people did not have their own manufacturing plants, their own wares or their own cultural artifacts or property.  They could not leave anything distinctly Hebrew behind in Egypt for all they owned was basically Egyptian.

9. The Start of the Exodus– Ex. 12:33-36.  God had the Egyptian people give the Israelites gold, silver, clothing, so they did NOT take anything that was basically Hebrew with them. They carried Egyptian articles thus if anything was discarded, it would be Egyptian not Hebrew.

10. 40 yrs. of wandering– Nbrs. 14: 32-35.  The Hebrew adults would die in the desert for their unbelief and rejection of the Promised Land.  If their skeletons could be found, we would find only Egyptian clothing and artifacts buried with them.  There would be no opportunity for the Hebrews to make their own cultural items and even if they did create their own cultural identity, how would we know? There would be nothing from pre-sojourn to compare the items with, thus all such discoveries of artifacts would be considered Egyptian or some other nation’s remains.

These are some of the reasons why we do not find any evidence for the Hebrews living in, being enslaved by and exiting the country of Egypt.  There just isn’t any but this is not abnormal as there is scant evidence for the existence of many countries’ peoples.  The Hittites were ‘lost’ for over 1800 years and thought to be an invention by the Biblical authors; thus to make an argument out of absence of evidence is just ludicrous in this case for there is 1 ancient record which provides the evidence needed– The Bible.

So in reality there is evidence, there is a record and there is a history of the Hebrew people which we can turn to find the truth of the past.


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