Interesting Bible Facts 3

13 Jul


Key Biblical Dates


1800    Abraham, Patriarchs

1290    Exodus, Moses, Joshua (some take an early date of 1440 BC; see Date of the Exodus)

1050    Beginning of the Israelite monarchy, Samuel, Saul

1000    David, Nathan

922      Division of the Kingdom, Rehoboam, Jeroboam I

850      Ahab and Jezebel, Elijah and Elisha

750      Rise of Assyria as a world power (745); Amos, Hosea, Jeroboam II

721      Fall of Samaria, end of the Northern Kingdom;  Ahaz, Isaiah

701      Assyrian invasion of Judah, deliverance from Sennacherib; Hezekiah, Isaiah, Micah

621      Reforms of Josiah

605      Battle of Carchemish, rise of the Babylonian empire, Jeremiah, Habakkuk

598      First deportation of Israelites to Babylon; Jeremiah, Ezekiel

586      Destruction of Jerusalem, 2nd deportation, exile, Jeremiah, Ezekiel

538      Overthrow of Babylonian Empire by Persians, return from exile, Cyrus

520      Rebuilding of the Jerusalem temple; Haggai, Zechariah, Zerubbabel

450      Reforms of Ezra, beginning of Judaism, Nehemiah (date is disputed), Malachi

323      Death of Alexander the Great, Greek control under the Seleucids, Ptolomies

167      Macabbean Revolt; Judas Macabbee, Book of Daniel

63        Roman control of Palestine under the Roman general Pompey

6-4       Birth of Jesus, Herod the Great


27-30   Death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ

33-60   Ministry of Paul

45        Council of Jerusalem, marking the break of Christianity from Judaism

50        Earliest New Testament writings: 1-2 Thessalonians, Paul, Barnabus, Silas

60-70   First Gospel written: Mark, death of Paul

70        Destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman general Titus

90        Last New Testament writings: Gospel of John, Johannine literature

135      Bar Kochba rebellion, last Jewish revolt against Rome, Jews expelled from Palestine

Prophets Date Chart

The United Monarchy

Dates (BC)        Prophets of United Israel

1020-1000       Samuel

975-960           Nathan

The Divided Kingdoms

Dates (BC)        Israel (Northern)

870-850           Elijah

850-800           Elisha

750-745           Amos

750-745           Hosea

Judah (Southern)         Dates (BC)

[Jonah]             [740-730]

Isaiah of Jerusalem      742-700

Micah   722-701

Zephaniah        628-622

Jeremiah          626-586

Nahum             612

Habakkuk         605

Ezekiel             593-573

Obadiah            c. 586/5

Isaiah 40-55     540

Haggai 520-515

Zechariah         520-515

Isaiah 56-66     515-500

Joel      500-350?

Malachi             500-450

Jonah   450-400
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