Who owns archaeology?

07 Jul

This question has been on my mind for a while and usually incorporates this area into the general category of science for that is where it belongs.  Too often, people defer in their opinions to those who are experts in the field of a specific science and more often than not, they give credence to those who are not believers.

They feel that since these people have studied and researched in their area that they have a basic hold on that field and their opinion means more than that of the Bible’s. Yet as i pondered this question and looked at what the Bible says about walking in the ways of those who are deceived or are deceiving one cannot grant to the unbelievers of their field the right to be ‘an expert’.  Why?  Simply for the reason they dismiss what God has said and place it on the level of a human book or just religious writings with an agenda.

They diminish what is written in its pages because they do not have all the evidence they want or are looking for.  They place the infallible under the criteria of the fallible and make their conclusions based upon what they do not have instead of what they have.  For the believer, we cannot ascribe to the words of those who do not believe, their agenda, or purpose is not of God nor do they look to God for guidance, understanding but rely solely upon their own intelligence and comprehension.

Who owns archaeology and science?  God does as He is the one who created all things and ultimate ownership is His.  At best, the secular professionals in these fields are trespassers as they use their own double standard criteria to try and determine if the Bible records are true or not.  They try to make God out to be the fool when it is their own efforts, their own faulty research, investigations, theories and conclusions which make them look unwise and with an agenda.

We know that the secular ‘rules’ of science omits any divine intervention or participation and with such publically stated intentions, we can see that those who do not believe in God are not headed in the right direction despite their credentials but are in fact looking for any alternative which allows them to escape following what the Bible has said.  The rejection of the Biblical accounts as valid or credible shows us that it is not the Bible which has the agenda but the secular archaeologist or scientist.

What this boils down to is that the believer needs to stop listening to those who are not believers but are ‘experts’ in their field and start applying scripture to the evidence discovered.  We need to listen to God as we review the artifacts, ancient writings and other discoveries unearthed by those who work in these fields.  At no time can we rely on the conclusions of those who do not follow Christ as, being exampled by the theory of evolution, they are not interested in the truth but look for answers outside of God and that is just impossible.

Too many professionals have lost their faith as they have taken their eyes off Jesus and put it on the physical world/evidence which we know to be incomplete due to various reasons.  A person cannot rely on experts who create theories based upon the minutest find and are not privy to all the events and evidences of the past.  This is especially so when they appeal to the subjective to prove their position.  There are so many mitigating factors ignored by professionals which disqualify their conclusions or influence them into the wrong direction.

Who owns archaeology and science?  Christians do as they are the ones who have access to the only eye-witnesses of past events, they do not dismiss their words and they see usually see more than the non-believing world.  The secular world has not right nor title to say what went on in the past nor do they have the right to determine the rules of discovering the past.  The past is incomplete and one is left with the only option available that pleases God—faith. Since the unbelieving world has little of that then we know we cannot take their word for anything as such goes in the opposite direction of God and His directions to His followers.

The secular world is not the experts and final authority in any field and the believer must be cautious when analyzing their words and conclusions, putting them under the microscope of God’s directives and see what is true or not.  Just because they make science their profession, have many advanced degrees does it mean that the unbeliever is the final say on anything pertaining to God’s word or the past. God owns it all and He is the final authority.   Man is fallible and under the evil influences of the devil, who does not want people to know the truth, thus we must make adjustments based upon these facts and dismiss the secular world’s position and remain steadfast with the Bible.

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