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01 Jul

The demand continues

The march included several groups from other countries, including the United States and Britain, as well as groups ranging from rural lesbians to gay and lesbian police officers. “For all the people in countries who are suffering persecution, we have to celebrate and make visible our pride,” Jesus Generelo, the head of the Spanish federation of LGBT people, told a large crowd from an outdoor stage after the march.

The problem here is that the participants of this movement do not see or they do not accept the fact that there is a standard of right and wrong behavior. Not only is this movement hypocritical, it is also selfish as the supporters are only interested in their own rights and demands. They do nothing to support the demands of other alternative groups which share the same objectives as the LGBTQ movement.

The real question in this issue is ‘how can anyone celebrate a group of people who refuse to accept the standards that have governed life since the beginning of time? How can anyone truly support a group that refuses to follow the rules and demand that their wrong behavior be recognized as right? These questions get to the heart of the issue. The opposition to their demands and movement are not founded in discrimination but in maintaining the boundary between right and wrong, good and evil, moral and immorality. It is not about suppression of a preference that has enjoyed acceptance for millennia.

In other articles we have avoided referencing Sodom & Gomorrah but that example cannot be avoided this time. History has shown that those who opt for the homosexual+ preferences have not been classified as ‘right behavior’ and have been punished for their breaking of the rules. Punishment is not persecution. Distorting the definitions of both terms only leads to confusion, lying and misrepresenting the facts about this issue.Over the centuries punishment has always been administered when someone has done something wrong. This is a lesson that the LGBTQ members have not learned. They are doing something wrong and they are not being discriminated against nor persecuted. They are usually punished for their choosing to do something that is not right.

Now, of course, some people tend to go beyond their boundaries and authority and take matters into their own hands but that response to this issue is not right either. Punishment should be handled by those who have the proper authority and who can be just in handling the matter. BUT this wrong does not mean that the LGBTQ demands and movement are correct. it just means that some people really hate that preference. Nothing justifies the LGBTQ movement or their demands. The members of those groups must see and accept the fact that their preference is not normal, is not right, is not moral and is not good. Demanding and obtaining rights do not change that status.

The members of the LGBTQ movement must also see that it is God who sets the standards, not the Christian or the governments of the world, and the courts do not over-rule God’s declarations. The courts and governments have been given some leeway in their decision-making as well as governing and they have the option to uphold God’s standards or ignore them. The latter does not magically make the LGBT preferences legitimate, correct, normal or not sin. It simply means that certain members of society do not accept or follow God’s ways and rules.

Because so many people do not accept the existence of the devil, they also do not accept the fact that they are being deceived when it comes to God’s rules and standards. This is a grave mistake and one that allows for distortions of this issue to exist and persist while leads too many people into accepting the arguments of the members of the LGBT movement. The arguments constructed by the supporters of the LGBTQ movement are not based in any historical fact and usually rely on spin or revisionist history to make their points seem valid.

The LGBTQ members should be grateful that they are not living in OT times, for at that time the people of Israel were instructed to put to death anyone who detoured from God’s instruction concerning alternative preferences. We see that God abided by his word when he destroyed Sodom, Gomorrah and 2 other cities. Supporters for the LGBTQ movement may find an odd scripture here and there and twisting them to say that homosexuality was not part of the sins being punished but they would  be in error. We have talked about this before in our many other articles on this issue and we won’t rehash old arguments. Suffice it to say that the supporters and members of the LGBTQ movement are desperate to find anything that will justify their rebellion against God’s standards and the institutions that ave been in place since man first was created.

This is what these rallies and movement truly are– rebellion. Rebellion is sin and it needs to be punished not rewarded.


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