Making Science and the Bible Compatible

20 Jun

For centuries now there has been a battle between those who advocate science and those who side with the Bible.  The former group usually wants the dominate position to be occupied by science, since the Bible is not really a scientific textbook.  But the Bible’s purpose is not to wax eloquent on all things scientific, that would make the book far too thick and boring to read, and that lack of scientific purpose does not disqualify it from the dominant role nor does it make it inferior to the field of science.

The latter group wants the Bible to be in the dominant role and if the people who support that position are not misguided it should be in the superior position. The problem with this side of the argument is that many people are misguided when it comes to scriptural comments on scientific matters. But the former group does have the same issue as most of their adherents know little of what the Bible is saying because they lack the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

There are passages of scriptures that without that divine aid, people mis-understand and then apply the mis-understood passages to undermine the claims of the other group.  There are many examples available of this and Galileo & the Roman Catholic Church is but one, as are the passages in the Bible that talk about the 4 corners of the earth.

How does one then achieve the objective of bring the Bible and science together and make them compatible? For starters, one has to look at the composition of the two to get a better picture of the problem before seeing what needs to be done to align the field of science with what the Bible says.

For composition of the Bible we see that it is a holy and divine book written by God who is an all powerful, all knowing, eternal Being. It reveals things that only the Author would have first hand knowledge of leaving humans with the choice of using faith or not when reading its pages.

For science, we see that it is a secular human construction designed to look for natural answers, using very limited methods and tools operated by men and women whose knowledge comes from the results of those limitations and mitigating factors which influence the very items they study.

Right off the bat we see that compatibility is impossible. On the one hand we have a perfect book written by the only eye-witness of all events and on the other we have ideas written by unbelieving humans who are looking in the wrong places for their answers. As the Bible tells us there is no fellowship between righteousness and unrighteousness. A change has to be made.

Now, of course, those who advocate that science is greater than the Bible would demand that the Bible change to fit their elitist viewpoint. I say elitist simply because not everyone can be a scientist and have no avenue to contribute to the theories being created by those who do work in the field. The secular scientists say that their experiments, their tools, their supposed evidence trumps faith and what they call ‘magic’. They feel that their work is tried and true and designed to filter out error.

They point to their peer review process as a fail-safe check against fraud in the scientific world. Sadly, that supposed system is often abused, manipulated and unable to detect when fraud does occur. The secularist also point to how the Bible was written and who wrote it; often insulting it by calling the Biblical authors as uneducated sheep herders and plagerists. The false charge of plagerism is never supported by real evidence just innuendo and assumption and the sheep herder insult only demonstrates how little the secularist knows about the Biblical authors.

The writers were varied, one was educated in the court of the Egyptian Pharaoh, another was a military man, two were kings, some fishermen, one was educated in the rabbi system and on it goes. Moses and David did tend to sheep but Moses was already educated in the best system available in Egypt and David rose to be a king, so the insult does not work.

The latter group, if they are truly christian, would demand that science needs to change because it is not immune to the sin and corruption that entered the world at Adam’s sin and that its investigation is too limited as it leaves out vital data needed to make the correct determination of the issues.

Secular science is run by fallible humans prone to error as well as unbelief. Rarely do we hear of the failed predictions and the failed experiments that undermine their claims about their favored theories. They would also charge that secular science uses both faith and magic to make their theories work.

So which work has to change? Well for the believer, it is secular science that has to be renovated and brought under God’s direction using God’s ways and God’s ideas. A corrupted field of study cannot possibly measure up to a perfect book written by a perfect author. We know this because not one scientific or archaeological discovery has overturned one thing the Bible has said or proved it wrong.

To make science and the Bible compatible one or the other has to give. If we look at the ramifications of the necessary change we can see the impact upon the world. If secular science changes, then the work is under the guidance of God and the world gets the truth instead of the lies it has produced for centuries.

Changing secular science to a biblical way does not harm the moral, or governmental status of civilization.  It does not change the daily life of the people and it looks to bring benefits to society instead of the destructive materials it produces at present.

But if one changes the Bible to the level of secular science then we have a major problem. Morality would be in jeopardy as the ultimate standard would be reduced to human subjectivity; as would law and order. No longer is there a perfect standard to base one’s laws upon opening a window for anarchy to raise its ugly head. Laws will also fall under the subjectivity category and depend upon who was in power at the time.

Right and Wrong would disappear, for the same reasons as the previous two examples. Thus the ramifications of changing the Bible to a human book and reduced to a human level would be traumatic and severe, affecting civilization in a very drastic and violent manner. The very idea that there is a more powerful Being in the universe who does watch over His creation is a big deterrent to those who follow after evil.

Removal of that deterrent only grants permission for those who practice evil to be more open about it and more daring. No one would be safe.  This is why the desire to bring science and the Bible together must be thought through very carefully. The believer cannot follow the counsel of the ungodly thus they must ignore any temptation or call to change the word of God. Of course the secular world wants the Bible to change, they want to be the supreme authority in this world. Secular science already thinks it is above morality and right or wrong as many of their peers hold aloft the principle, ‘all science is good science’ and that is just not correct.

Secular science needs to be brought back under a strict right and wrong, moral umbrella keeping those who work in the field in check. Society demands such protection and cannot be made into guinea pigs to satisfy the curiosity of those who think they are above everyone else.

Another reasons why secular science is the field that has to change come from secular science itself. Secular scientists have no hope of verifying the majority of things they claim. Yes they can verify aspects of life like how plants work, how the reproduction system works, how crops are grown but they have no hope in verifying their origin or how they came into existence.

Most theories are just that, unprovable hypothesis which have no real data to back them up. Theoretical physics is just that—theoretical. Take the Big Bang theory for one example. There is no hope of secular scientist to prove their idea correct. They cannot go back in time to gather the physical evidence they need to show they are correct.

It is also non-repeatable evident rendering their theory non-scientific by secular science’s standard for being scientific. The dishonesty in the field of secular science renders it unqualified to be any form of final or supreme authority and provides great evidence for why it must be the field that changes if one wants to make the Bible and it agree.

More evidence against the superiority of science over the Bible comes in the origin of life. Secular science also has no hope in discovering evidence to support their ideas of how life came into existence. There is no hope for them to discover the original conditions that started it all. There is no hope of them producing the claimed original life form, or the correct chronology of the claimed process that life form went through to spawn the millions of species that once existed or exist now.

The field of secular science demands evidence from believers to prove their faith in the Biblical record, yet it fails to produce one shred of real evidence to support their outlandish claims. Usually the secular scientist compares apples with oranges to make its point and that just doesn’t cut it.

If they can’t produce what they demand of others then they have no argument and show how weak their position is. No matter how you look at it, secular science is not the ideal standard for all things in life to meet. It fails on all accounts to be supreme over all. It just doesn’t have what it takes to compel believers to change God’s word and make it compatible with science.

On the other hand, the Bible does have what it takes to demand that secular science changes to meet its requirements. It is not wrong, it does not require impossible evidence and we see the results of the Biblical record in action every day. There is no need for special tools or experiments because humans live it out each day on every level.

The Bible protects humanity by providing a non-subjective moral code, justice and mercy, among other higher ideals and that is something secular science just cannot do.  Science has its place but it has to be subject to the Bible, there is no other place for it to occupy. Secular science is the fallible inferior field not the Bible or its words but sadly, too many people won’t accept that conclusion because they like darkness rather than light and will continue to fight for their lower, more dangerous field to be supreme over all.

For science to be compatible with the Bible, it has to do what all humans have to do when seeking salvation. It has to repent of its sins, remove the pride, the arrogance, the corruption, the ulterior motives, etc., and let Jesus cleanse it.

There is no other way, no other option to solve this problem.

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