Facts about Noah and the flood

20 Jun

Over the years I have had many discussions about Noah and the flood and invariably they get some of the details of the events wrong. It doesn’t matter if the facts come from the beginning of the story, the middle or the end of it invariably the unbeliever doesn’t get it right. This paper is designed to help the believer to easily find the details of the flood and use them in their own discussions to counter the unbeliever’s misconceptions and arguments.

Facts                                               verse(s)


#1. Noah had 3 sons- Shem, Ham & Japheth 5:32

#2. Noah found favor with God6:8

#3. Noah was a righteous, blameless & walked with God6:9

#4. Told to make ark of gopher wood with rooms6:14

#5. Dimensions of ark: 300 x 50 x 30 cubits6:15

#6. 1 window, 1 door, 3 decks6:16

#7. 8 people & 2 of every KIND (not species) of animal6:18-19

#8. Took some of all edible food for all to eat6:21

#9. Took 7ea. of clean animals & 2 ea. of the unclean7:2

10 Noah was 600 years old when he entered the ark      7:11

11 water came from fountains of the deep               7:11

12 water came from the floodgates of the sky           7:11

13 rain fell for 40 days & nights                        7:12

14 It was a global flood                                7:19

15 waters rose 15 cubits above the mountain tops        7:20

16 No survivors except those INSIDE the ark           7:21

17 The water remained on the earth 150 days            7:24

18 The ark landed in the mtns. of Ararat                8:4

19 Noah sent 1 raven once and a dove thrice             8:6-12

20 1st day of 1st month the earth was dry                8:13

21 27th day of the 2nd month they left the ark           8:14-19

22 Animals given fear of man                           9:2

23 Permission to eat meat                              9:3

24 Restriction concerning blood                         9:4-6

25 God’s promise about water                           9:11-13

26 The symbol of the rainbow                           9:14

27 Noah farmed & planted a vineyard                    9:20

28 Canaan (not Ham) cursed                             9:25-27


29 Noah’s righteousness would only save himself          14:12-20


30 Had great faith                                      11:7

2 Peter

31 A preacher of righteousness—no converts               2:5

These are the facts found in the scriptures concerning Noah. If I missed any please feel free to post in the discussion forum the references I missed and I will add to the list. Keeping the facts straight is important to a Christian because we cannot let mistakes weave their way into the message of God and ruin an opportunity for Christ.

The atheist and other unbelievers know the Bible very well and they will use it against the believer every chance they get. They love to see the Christian error as it gives them another excuse to not believe. Their problem is that their minds are clouded and they do not have the Holy Spirit helping them understand what God has written thus they think the message of the Bible is foolishness.

The believer needs to learn how to deal with such attitudes and skepticism, choosing their words wisely under the guidance of the Holy Spirit if they want to succeed for God. Success is NOT measured only in souls saved, but in obedience also.

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