Education 6

19 Jun


There is an old saying about teachers, ‘those that can- do; those that can’t- teach.’  This statement is misleading because those that do need to be taught first. There is a lot to teach young children and teens before they set out to achieve their life goals. Whether one self-teaches or goes to a classroom, teaching is always done.

A lot of responsibility is placed upon a teacher as they are given a very special job but it is unfair to expect the impossible from them.  In today’s world, politicians, education ministers, and other officials place a lot of the student’s failures on the teachers’ shoulders. That is just not fair.

You can be the best teacher in the world, have the best curriculum and methodology but if the student doesn’t want to learn there is nothing a teacher can do. They are, in most cases, given a burden they should not have to bear. The success of a student) is achieved by 90% participation of the student and 10% by the teacher

In other words if politicians, parents, and education ministers are angry at the failure of the students to achieve the goals set for them, they should not direct that anger solely at the teachers. Students need to be responsible for their own performance and it is not right to pass that responsibility onto those charged with the task of teaching.

The Bible tells us to be fair, to be merciful and to be just and that instruction does not exclude teachers. They need to be treated with fairness, with mercy and especially justice but if school officials can’t then they only have themselves to blame for the educational crisis in their institutions

Certain type of evaluations are unfair and unjust as they are so easily manipulated. If a strict but good teacher is not liked then the students/parents filling the evaluation out, can gather enough support to force that teacher out of a job and that is not right.

Sadly there is no perfect way to evaluate a teacher, for a principal can railroad a good one while protecting a bad one simply because of personal feelings towards each. Thus honesty must be a charter member of the evaluator’s character and that is not always found.

To be fair and to see the reality, teachers cannot open a student’s mind and shovel the needed knowledge directly into their brains. They must rely on the willingness of the student to study the material and do the assignments. In many cases teachers are helpless as parents and school officials back the student instead of them

A little understanding needs to be applied to this issue. If educators want to retain good teachers then the problems in education need to be credited to those who are guilty of the offenses. There really is not one group that is solely responsible for the problems seen in student results.

Education officials play a role in it as they continue to change programs and rules nearly every year, in hopes of looking like they are doing something.  Politicians contribute either via financial restraint or other interference to garner votes for the next election.

Next we have parents who fail to impress upon their children the need for study and hard work. Discipline also needs to be reinforced at home when the student is punished at school and when school officials are correct in their administering punishment

Finally, the student has to take their share of the blame as their young minds are easily distracted by other more interesting hobbies, for example computer and video games, television, movies and so on. They need to learn that their success depends upon their doing the work

The Bible also talks about ‘sparing the rod and spoiling the child’ but this does not mean that the student needs to be beaten. Instead they need to learn that they have to pay for their failure to do their part in their education. Failing to impress this upon the student spoils them and makes the teachers’ jobs far more difficult than it should be.

Teachers should not be the scapegoat, it is a group failure.

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