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19 Jun

Too Many Cooks

It seems everyone has an opinion about how to educate students and everybody wants their opinion to be heard. They all want their views adopted by the federal government as the chief way to educate children. The list is long as politicians, school administrators, principals, teachers, parents even psychologists and psychiatrists all fight to be heard on how education should take place.

For Korea the list is longer as they have to contend with unqualified native English teachers who constantly whine and complain about the way the Korean educational system operates.  Most of the people in these groups really do not know how to run a school let alone a complete educational system but that doesn’t stop them from putting their ‘two cents’ in.

It is a difficult job trying to educate students as the principals, teachers and education ministers must juggle thousands of differing opinions just from parents alone. Not to mention the large unsolicited advice that comes from professional groups and those hired to teach one subject.

But there is one voice most people ignore even those His rules of morality and laws of right and wrong provide the ideal atmosphere all parents and school employees desire. Plus it provides guidance on how to discipline as well as provide a direction in which the curriculum should go in; so that the students receive the best education, the best treatment and can reach their full potential.

Here are some examples of guidance this voice brings: 1. ‘…not to teach false doctrine…’ This means school officials and teachers do not lie to the students. This means that evolution would be removed from the science classroom as it is a lie.

2. ‘…the teaching of the wise is the fountain of life…’ This tells us that teachers, principals and education officials should be wise people, providing the right answer not the popular or easy one just to avoid problems.

3. ‘…to teach you the elementary truths…’ These words of wisdom provide the direction for the curriculum—its content should be true no matter what the subject.

4. ‘…teach us to number our days right…’ In other words, so we know how to live correctly and not waste the time we have.

These words, of course, come from the Bible and ever since a group of people have been successful in removing God’s word from the classroom, education has gone downhill. In fact, since that removal about the only program that has been successful in the west is dumbing the student down. Their educational levels have dropped. In fact, America this year recorded the lowest SAT score since the early 70’s

The secular world has failed its students. Not only in making the public school environment less conducive for study but in amount of knowledge that the students have acquired. There is a reason for this and it is found in an old western saying in North America. It goes like this: ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth.’

Once the best standard was removed, the educational systems have been inundated with too many cooks all championing a different way to educate the students. No system can survive or even thrive when philosophies change, curriculums change, goals change every couple of years. It just won’t work.

The reason that one voice is not listened to is because it comes from God. People just do not want God involved anymore. That is why so many adhere to the evolutionary theory. It isn’t from God. But as we see from the example of the conditions of education removing God doesn’t work.  I haven’t counted but there looks to be over 200 verses in the Bible on studying, education, teaching, teachers and teaching.

With that large amount of content addressing just one subject you get the idea that teaching young people is very important to God. It is as Jesus warned that it was better to commit suicide than to cause a child to not believe in Him. God also made teachers #3 in His kingdom, which tells us how important that profession is to Him.

We need to bring God back into education to achieve the desired goals

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