Making a Christian Impact

08 Jun

“Be ye in the world not of it” is an old familiar verse yet it is one that is ignored by many believers today as they look to the world to provide them with ideas, strategies and direction. A quick look at a concordance shows us that God spoke clearly about not looking to the world to do His work.  There are many, many passages that clearly provide this instruction.

Yet, the modern Christian world has chosen to not abide by those words and have compromised their position, their faith and their testimony because they have opted for ideas that are far from holy. Then they have the audacity to wonder or complain about why they do not reap a good harvest.  The explanation is simple; they have chosen to do things according to their own understanding, their own desires, and their own will.

They should not be amazed by the lack of results, nor should they excuse their failure by placing all the responsibility upon the unbeliever when they are the ones who have failed to give the secular world a clear option to choose.  When the church acts like the secular world, speaks like them or employ non-spiritual thinking to their goals then why would the unbeliever choose to go to church? There is nothing different or better in the church.

This lack of using God’s ways permeates the entire Christian world, from serious issues like abortion to simple things such as feeding the poor. We see God put on the sideline and asked to bless our efforts instead of looking to Him as the quarterback and waiting for Him to give the instructions.

It is no wonder that non-believers do not decide for Christ, as they can see that those who claim to follow Jesus do not believe Him nor put His words into action. And it is clear why the believer does not make an impact on his or her area of life.  The compromise is great as the church struggles to find human ways to put people in the pews.

Some churches or believers have opted to combine evolution with creation or simply ignore God’s words and accept secular science’s ideas on the origin of life altogether.  One cannot expect to win souls when they are going the wrong way and watering down their message with the ‘open-minded’ decision to make the church and the Bible look better by adopting lies. The believer has decided to follow Christ and He stated that God created both man and women, which clearly ends the discussion about evolution.

Sadly, too many Christians opt for secular science over the Bible, as they are being deceived and led astray by evil simply because a field less than 200 years old claims expertise and says differently than a book one has chosen to accept.  But it doesn’t stop with creation as many abortion protestors stray from God’s ways and decide to use sin in combating this horrible practice.

God has never given permission to use sin and that sin in this issue ranges from lying, to fraud, to theft, to destruction of property and all the way up to murder.  One cannot preach repentance of sin then turn around and advocate the use of sin to defeat a sinful practice. It is just wrong and hinders the work of Christ.

Unfortunately, the ignoring of God’s instructions do not stop with such serious issues as this bad behavior continues into areas of church life where many hurting Christians or believers who made a mistake are often considered pariah and ostracized.  This miserable treatment of one’s own does not advertise to the non-believer anything positive.  Why should they attend a church whose people will turn on them if they stumble in the Christian life?

Or how about the elaborate structures congregations build? They are spending, cumulatively; billions of dollars to create a building that will rival secular corporate headquarters, knowing full well that those buildings will not make it to heaven, all the while people are going hungry, are out of work and can’t pay the bills have medical expenses and so on.

We were not commanded to waste such money on temporary structures, but we were commanded to look after God’s creation–both Christian and not. The list could go on but you get the picture, and it is not good.  How can the modern Christian make an impact?

They need to change, turn from accepting and following the world’s ideas and look to God and follow His.  The Bible is very clear what God wants His people to do and it does not correspond with the current political parties in action today. God’s people belong to God’s kingdom and they need to implement God’s ways if they want to make an impact for Him and on the world.

It is time for the modern church to stop giving lip service to God and get serious about their beliefs, letting God examine their hearts and minds and then asking for His help in removing the wrong things and plant in them the correct thoughts, desires and actions.  If one needs to, they should make a checklist be honest with themselves, and then they need to turn to God and ask His direction and His solution so that their congregation can become true believers and make an impact for Him on their community.

We do not live for the things of this world, they pale in comparison to God, Jesus and heaven thus our attention should not be upon who is the greatest sports star but his/her soul. We live for things eternal and we start with ourselves, allowing God to cut away the distracting, unfruitful items and replacing them with the good so that the unsaved world can see the difference, see that they have a real choice and that there is something better for them.

The time is NOW for the church to change and stop playing their games.
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