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04 Jun


It seems that liberals have no respect for families or right and wrong. They are far more dangerous and out of control than even most Muslim.  They use government and courts to bully those who disagree with them and cannot stand it when someone disagrees with their agenda.  Trying to correct someone’s mental disorder is not child abuse but then those who like sin do not care. They also do not like it that other people have rights and their own way to raise children


Christians are not to follow the ungodly. They are not to walk in their counsel, call sin or evil good nor are they to allow their children to walk in the ways of the world. In Deut. God is quite clear on what parents are to teach their children– God’s commands and statutes so that they may fear the Lord. Too often Christian parents teach the worldly ideology and God doesn’t matter. God didn’t write the Bible because he had nothing better to do.


Governments are not supposed to be in the business of parenting. While they can make certain laws, parenting duties were given to parents by God. Sadly, governments have lost focus on who they are and their boundaries. But we could say that it is all the liberals in government who are doing this usurping of parental rights. They just can’t let other people raise their own kids– Hitler would be so proud of the current liberal trend (but this doesn’t mean conservatives are any better).


Gone are the days when courts could be relied upon to make good decisions. They no longer use objectivity but let their personal bias interfere with the court cases. Title IX does not address this issue and is being abused by the left leaning world in order to promote their false ideology

#5. We do see and read the different articles on pastors who fail miserably. It saddens us to see how the church leaders have failed God, the people that are entrusted to their spiritual care and their families. But we are not to take the hatchet to them and cut them off. They need help to overcome their problems not abandoned. Jesus heals but he also uses people to do the healing. learn to get involved correctly so we can stop this trend of Church Leaders sinning and violating God’s word.

#6. Justice has left the world it seems in favor of promoting sinful tendencies and protecting a minute minority of people who do not want to follow the rules. Why do those who follow the rules get punished and disrespected while those who do not get rewarded  and supported? The church can’t follow the world for the latter does not have the better way to live, only the true church has the light to shine on a dark world. The church needs to be just when everyone else isn’t. The church needs to stand up for right and wrong, good and evil and morality and immoral standards when no one else will.

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