Believers 9

20 Apr

Kurt, I would discover, tended to be the most outspoken of the group. He confided to me later that while he takes his Christian faith seriously he does not consider himself an evangelical like the rest of the men and he has trouble with organized religion in general. ‘People make up rules or interpret the Bible & say unless you abide by our rules and interpretation you’re not going to heaven. Well, I just don’t buy that,’ he explained– pg. 174

People get hung up on certain rules and decide to create their own because they do not like the ones implemented by one church group or another. ¬†Granted there are many man-made rules found in Christianity but their existence do not mean that God does not have his own rules or that his rules should be ignored.The church is plagued by different denominations because so many people do not want the truth or God’s actual rules. They want to operate Christianity after their own ideas and forget about God’s instructions.

The task for believers is to discern which rules are of God and are to be obeyed and which are man-made and are to be ignored.People cannot put God’s rules in the latter category simply because they do not like them. They have to be honest and prepared to submit to God’s rules when they discover what they really are.God never put man in charge of his word even when he gave man dominion over the earth, man has to be humble enough to see what God wants and obey it. He does not have the right nor the authority to change what God has written.

There are rules to obey if you want to see heaven– you must be born again; you must give up the practice of sin; you cannot be a liar, thief, murderer, homosexual, transgender and so on. God does not allow sin or corruption into his paradise or home. If he did, he would not tell us to be holy.We will find the correct rules if we rad the Bible properly under the guidance of the spirit of truth. There is no other way and when we do that, we will also be able to see the difference between man-made rules and God’s rules.Or we should be able to.

We do not toss out God, the Bible or their rules simply because men have interfered with God’s running of the church

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