Believers 8

18 Apr

He warned (Alan Wolfe), however, that as long as evangelical scholars insist on drawing statements of faith that shut them off from genuine intellectual exchange they will find it hard to become the kind of intellectually exciting institutions they hope to be– pg. 148

This has become a problem for the church and its academic institutions. Not that they are not ‘intellectually exciting’ but that they have taken their eyes off what God has instructed and placed them on secular ideas.Evangelicals or all believers are not to be pursuing academic excellence according to the rules of secular thinking. They are to be pursuing, finding, accepting and proclaiming the truth. They can do this in a high academic way but it must be according to God’s rules not the unbelieving world’s ideas of what is intellectual, academic or even ‘exciting’.

Too often, and we have experienced believers doing this, the Christian forgets their mission from God and become enthralled with the secular way of doing things. Unfortunately for them, they do not realize that the secular way is not to find the truth, not to find the correct answers but to keep the discussion going for as long as possible. In other words, the secular way avoids the truth and any answer that will end their academic games.

Christians cannot afford to do this. They have a mission to bring the truth to the people. They do not have a mission to discuss and present differing theories on the same topics leaving people in confusion as to what is the correct answer.God is a God of truth not competing theories and we need to follow Christ’s example to bring the truth to all so that people can be set free from their sins.

The secular academic world and its methods do not accomplish this and we should not be seeking the approval of those who do not believe in God. We can present the truth in a very scholarly and intellectually exciting way but again, it must not follow the world’s idea for either category. We are not called to follow the secular world in any aspect of life including academics.

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