Believers 5

14 Apr

The reason for the amazing growth  according to Drucker was that the mega church leaders dared to ask a basic marketing question: what does the consumer want?– page 121

This is one of the failings we see in the mega church movement. It is all about what people want, even unbelievers, and not what God wants to see in his church. We can nitpick and complain about how mega church pastors disrespect God by their very unclassy dress but then in the NT God did not specify a dress code as he did for the OT temple Priests.

How a church pastor dresses should be up to him though he should keep in mind whom he serves and what he has demanded of others before donning what many in different societies would call disrespectful.  Then he must keep in mind that he has a human audience that may feel very disrespected because the pastor doesn’t think they are worthy of his better set of clothes. This can be extrapolated to cafes in the church, and other modern conveniences that have made their way into the holy sanctuary of God.

People are so concerned about the ‘consumer’ that they forget about God and his standards

What also bothers us about that quote is that it makes the church more like a business instead of a place to receive healing, help, compassion, friendship and to worship the most holy God, creator of all things whose power is so great he only needs to speak things into existence.

Our view of God is very restricted when it comes to church and that needs to change. Who God is should guide our thoughts, our actions, our words not our disdain for hymns or offering and so on, especially when it comes to worshiping and serving him.God already designed the church and what he wanted to see take place within it. We cannot ignore his direction and while we may have some leeway, some use that little bit of freedom to design the church and its operation after their personal preferences and not God’s.

Making people ‘comfortable’ like mega churches try to do may be driving God out of the church and to some other location. being holy is one key church leaders need to follow when they design how their church works. It is not what the consumer wants but what God wants.

Jesus lost followers because he told the truth, we are not going to be able to be any different. Losing members from a church does not necessarily mean the church or the pastor has lost favor with God, sometimes it does but not always, so church leaders need to focus on obeying God and feed the flock correctly, bring in the truth and teach the people how to be real believers–

1 Samuel 15:22
Samuel said, “Has the Lord as much delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices As in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, And to heed than the fat of rams.

Jeremiah 44:23
Because you have burned sacrifices and have sinned against the Lord and not obeyed the voice of the Lord or walked in His law, His statutes or His testimonies, therefore this calamity has befallen you, as it has this day.”
Mega churches may look good but are they really obeying God? That is a question you need to answer for yourselves as you strive to correctly obey what God has taught in the Bible. We do not look for spiritual superstars to brig people into church, we just need to live the faith correctly.


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