Believers 3

11 Apr

I am not a religious person, she said although I am very spiritual. I was raised Catholic and I do believe in God but I practice my own sort of faith… pg. 187

The bold words are our concern in this post.People want to think of themselves as being good, being a believer in God but for the latter thought, the demons also believe in God but they tremble for they know they are in trouble. Practicing one’s own faith does not necessarily mean one is following Christ or following his truth. A person who follows their own ideas about faith are basically cultic in nature and far from what both God and Jesus taught in the Bible. It is more like cherry picking what one will believe then calling themselves Christian. It cannot be done and one is not following the faith or words that Jesus and his disciples brought.

They did not teach that we follow our own brand of their faith for then we are replacing their teaching with our own and our own does not come from Jesus or God.They taught that we follow Jesus and their words found throughout the Bible even the uncomfortable instructions or the ones that go against our personal preferences.Too many women leave the church because they do not like the fact that they are barred from certain church leadership positions but if one follows Jesus they must accept that restriction or they are not following Jesus or what he taught.

The same for men. if they ignore certain passages telling them how to treat their wives then they too are not following Jesus or if they misuse their leadership positions then they are disobeying Christ and not following him.You cannot follow your own ideas about the faith and still expect to get to heaven.If you do not like a certain church teaching, then make sure you are following the Holy Spirit to the truth so you can make your calling and election sure. You cannot do that if your own religious faith leads you to alternative ideas from what Jesus and his disciples taught.

To make it to heaven, you must be following the Bible correctly and not alter it to fit your own ideas.

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