Thoughts From Book Titles

06 Apr

we were able to get to a book store the other day for the first time in almost 6 months and a couple of titles caught our eye. These titles spurred some thoughts we will share here

#1. Be Rebellious by Megan Clinton

No we have not read the book but then we are not talking about the book here. We are just providing some thoughts that come from reading the book title an in this case the first thought that came to our minds was that statement is not biblical nor even Christian.There is no teaching from God or Jesus for their followers to be rebellious towards others or authority.

The Bible tells us to obey both God’s and Jesus’ instructions and commands. In their instructions we are to be truly just, fair, merciful as well as compassionate, wise, looking for the truth and so on.If we follow their instructions correctly we will appear rebellious because we are looking for the right solution and bring the correct answers to everyday problems at all levels– from our daily lives to our kids’ lives to government decisions and so on.

We are not really being rebellious for we are striving to preserve the correct rule of law, not overthrow governments or academic authority or do anything that would or could be deemed rebellious and label us rebels. We are merely casting a true light on the issues and problems of the day, even in court room activities, which most likely will go against accepted secular thought. That alone will make us seem like rebels but we are not. we are looking for the right godly answers to preserve our nations and families.

#2. Preventing genocide by David Hamburg

We are sure it is a good book but like the previous one, we have not read it. We can surmise what the author is saying in his work and come to the conclusion that he is looking for a solution to the problem of genocide in the wrong places.He is probably placing the blame on racism but when genocide happens to take place among the same color of skin or close to it then racism is not really the culprit.

Believers know that genocide, like any crime, comes from the sin nature in people and the fact that so many humans opt to follow evil over God. if we can get to the right source of a problem,not just genocide, then we can find the right solution. Hatred is one source for genocide and hatred is a sin which means we need a divine solution to solve this problem.

Sadly too many unbelievers reject the truth about sin and where it comes from saying that those things do not exist. They are just covering their eyes to the truth. Sin and evil exist as does the author of those activities. Until people admit and accept that the devil and his demons exist and are working hard to destroy them, they will never come to the right solution for the problem of genocide, or any other crime.

If you do not believe that evil spirits exist just ask any missionary who has spent their lives in Africa and many parts of Asia. They will certainly tell you differently. People need to open their eyes to the truth if they want to solve the world’s problems.

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