A Word About Homosexuality/Transgenderism

01 Apr

Many people claim that those afflicted with these preferences were born that way. That claim cannot be proven true BUT even if they are born that way, they are still responsible for changing their preferences and repenting of those sins. Being born that way is not granting those people a free pass from the rules of God nor does it eliminate homosexuality/transgenderism from the list of sins God created. People still have to give up their homosexuality, their transgender trait IF they want to see heaven.

Being born heterosexual does not mean that group of people are automatically entering into heaven upon death. They too have to give up their sins, though heterosexuality is not a sin, if they want to get to heaven.There is only one accept sexual preference accepted by God, that is married, monogamous heterosexual unions. Adultery, wife swapping, affairs, one night stands and any other alternative (this includes couples having sex just before they marry) to that accepted preference are sin and people doing those activities need to repent of their sins and not practice that behavior anymore.

Homosexuals and transgender people have to give up their alternative sexual preference if they want to go to heaven. There is no other way for them. Jesus did not accept their sin when he was here on earth, he will not accept it now

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