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29 Mar

The Church is NOT a small business!

Years ago we saw an ad for a Presbyterian Church pastoral opening. The ad listed the duties the prospective candidate could expect to fulfill but it ended with the line, ‘this is a small business.’

We know that this concept concerning the local church has been around for decades but it is the wrong way to view the church. The church is not a small business. it is something far more, for the needs of the people, both physical and spiritual, are not limited to the hours of 9a.m. to 5 p.m. The local church is also not involved in the commodities market, where it buys and sells goods.

Its function is to minister to both the spiritual and physical needs of the people within its boundaries as well as the community at large. sadly, too many church properties are designed to look like corporate compounds where instead of welcoming hands greeting all who enter, a security guard or locked door keeps the out the very people the church is to minister to.

You may say that we are being too broad here but we know not all churches or pastors are this way or entertain this attitude. Yet there are far too many of them who do. e also know that the lone pastor cannot do it all, they need help. The book of acts tells us in different chapters how the different members of the early church sold their property  and brought the proceeds to the apostles to help meet everyone’s needs. And met they were.

The congregation has to get involved, they have to obey God’s voice or there will not be enough resources available to help those in need. Everyone has to pitch in some way. They cannot abdicate their godly duty nor place it solely upon the shoulders of the pastor. God wants to use everyone in the local church not one or two faithful people.

This means that the local church is not a small business but a living organism that cares for those around them, including their own members. Jesus was not establishing a Fortune 500 company when he was here on earth but a church that listened to his voice and follows his instructions. The whole church congregation must do this if the local church wants to function as Jesus intended.

As you read through the NT you will see how each person is given gifts and talents, those gifts from God are not restricted to the Pastor or his staff only. All people have them and they need to use them correctly and wisely for the health and growth of the church.

No the church is not a small business run by an overworked spiritual CEO in limited hours. It is a collection of people doing God’s work when it is needed.

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