Abortion & Rape…

There are many anti-abortionists who allow abortion in times of rape or incest and to us that is an inconsistent point of view as well as a sinful compromise. The problem with that viewpoint is that it look sat the crime, the supposed feelings of the mother to be and ignores what scriptures tells us

20 The person who sins will die. The son will not bear the punishment for the father’s iniquity, nor will the father bear the punishment for the son’s iniquity; the righteousness of the righteous will be upon himself, and the wickedness of the wicked will be upon himself. Ez. 18 NASB

This is but one passage that reminds us that the unborn child, as a result of rape or incest, shall not be punished for the sins committed by their fathers.  The child did not do anything wrong and should not be deprived of life because of the sexual sins of others.We say this because of the following article


Which would have been a lot better if the author had relied upon a spiritual support for her argument. What is missing from most pro-life arguments, and articles like the one linked to, is that they ignore what God instructs or commands. They base their arguments more on logic than spiritual direction. While that author makes some good points, her punch is missing because she makes it more of a subjective point of view instead of a divine objective instruction. Allowing a baby conceived by rape or incest is not legitimizing or condoning the crime. It is acknowledging the innocence of the child,something we can never forget.

Then when rape or incest occurs, we must set aside the emotional part of the crime and deal with the violation with clear heads, following God’s rules on justice and we must be just. Getting justice for the victim does not mean we throw justice out the window or ignore God’s instructions on being just. Emotion is not part of the process and that is one reason why we do not like these victim impact statements or statements by relatives. Those pervert justice not aid it by allowing emotion to alter what is just.people may not agree with this but we must do what God wants even when our women are attacked and victimized.

It is not easy but there are no escape clauses allowing us to pervert justice when our wives, daughters or mothers are raped or made victims of rape. Women need to learn what true justice is just like the men do.

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  1. The above pingback goes to a very biased article, one that cannot grasp the fact that my post dealt with a very limited part of the issue of rape. The Bible is very clear that unborn babies should not pay the price for someone else’s sin. The child is innocent of any crime and should not pay with its life.

    This does not excuse pro-life people from obeying God’s word. Too many of them do sin in their efforts to protect unborn children and that is not right. Too many are just ‘right to be born’ advocates and no nothing about right to life and what it entails.

    If you are going to be involved in fighting abortion then you need to do more than stand on a picket line spewing slogans and hate. You need to get involved with the people bringing God’s love, compassion, wisdom and much more to the problem. Jesus got involved with people, sadly too many believers ignore that example and not just in the abortion issue.

    Obviously the believer must obey God in how far their involvement goes but that is not an excuse to leave people mired in their problems. It means that the believer must be discerning and know something more than the party line.

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