Our View Of God

05 Mar

An actress, Octavia Spencer, from the movie The Shack, said the following:

“The Shack” hits theaters Friday and Oscar-nominated actress Octavia Spencer, who plays the role of God, describes why she likes that “The Shack” does away with the conventional portrayals of God despite the controversy surrounding it.

If you change the view of God from the biblical description of him, then you change God and are not representing the biblical God but a god of your own making. As believers in the God of the Bible we have to represent him as he represents himself or we are not being good stewards of the record we are given. This means we have to learn how to deal with the difficult passages of scripture which show God in a supposed bad light and learn how those passages actually show God as who he is. We do not get to skip those lessons if we want to represent God correctly

This means we have to look at God’s actions in questionable circumstances and see the situation from his point of view and apply certain scriptures correctly to help guide our thoughts. When God says his ways are higher than ours, etc., then we must realize that God is not looking at situations from our point of view , or even from a secular point of view,  but from his holy viewpoint which is greater, wiser,smarter than ours. The better we understand God the better we can represent him.

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