The Intolerance Of Unbelievers 2

01 Mar

We’ll post the link first then comment:

Thirty-seven Democrats in the United States Congress have told lawmakers in Romania not to allow a referendum supported by 3 million Romanians that would create a constitutional amendment identifying marriage as a union between only one man and one woman to proceed.

And what business is it of those democrats what Romania does? This is outrageous to say the best thing about this behavior.

The letter also warns that any change to exclude the LGBT community from receiving benefits and rights allowed to hetrosexual couples could result in violent backlash.

So instead of showing love for those who disagree with the liberal agenda, threats, bullying and intolerance ensue. How sad.  Many of those democrats may claim to be Christian yet we have never found in the Bible any verse where people are allowed to bully those citizens of another nation and force them into doing what one wants.Fortunately, the Romanian leader is smarter than those democrats:

Costea said that he was “taken aback” and “shocked” to see the Democratic congress members meddle in Romania’s marriage debate and is alarmed that they would encourage Romanian lawmakers to prevent the referendum from proceeding.

“You are talking about a Democracy that is only about 27 years old and people are trying to exercise their constitutional rights and Congress members in the United States who are supposed to protect our civil rights in the United States, they go to a different country and say, ‘Hey, don’t exercise your civil rights.’ They tell the Parliament, ‘Don’t even vote on this issue,'” Costea said. “It’s not just meddling. It’s fairly malicious and an attempt to prevent the people from speaking their minds on the issue.”


Costea was so upset by the letter that he even sent his own letter to Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, who was listed as a signatory on the letter.

“This was the most significant citizens-initiated constitutional referendum in Romania ever,” Costea’s letter reads. “As one who is intimately familiar with the vicissitudes the people of Romania faced throughout their history, as well as the cruel communist system under which they were condemned to live for 45 years, I must state, respectfully, that the note from the [37] members of the U.S. Congress is, to great extent, an affront to the 3 million responsible Romanian citizens who signed the petition in support of the constitutional amendment.”

The Democrats said the following in their letter:

Along with many of Romania’s western partners, the United States has recognized, through its judiciary, that our country is stronger when marriage is conditioned on mutual love and commitment and when the rights, benefits and responsibilities of civil marriage attach equally to all persons who make that commitment,” the letter continues. “We also recognize that violence and further discrimination follows any instances of inequality. We urge Romanian authorities take no step that would divide your country from its partners in this recognition and to be wary of any ensuing violence that may occur.”

Yet they will threaten someone with violence if an honest vote is taken and those who oppose the democrats ideology win. The Bible does not teach intolerance but it does teach punishment for sin, something the democrats ignore as they rush to support sin and evil.  In order to make everyone ‘equal’ etc., one has to wipe out God’s standards of good/evil, morality/immorality, and right/wrong. When that is done we have nothing but anarchy as there is no real standard guiding anyone. Anything goes and we see that with these bathroom policies in the transgender issue and when homosexuals are told no. This is just not right and the believer has to stand with God and his standards so that those who want to sin will know that they are wrong and in error.

Of course, that stand is done correctly and not with bullying, intolerance or violence.

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