Michael Moore & Trump

We used to like Mr. Moore. He used to poignant, insightful and funny but somewhere along the way after Bowling for Columbine where he made a lot of money for a documentary, he lost his way and now thinks that he alone gets to say who can be elected president and who can’t. Here is a link to his website and the page that provides evidence to support that point


What most liberals and conservatives do not grasp is that people reign because of God’s permission. we may not understand the why of it all the time but different leaders are in place in different countries for a reason.  The believer may not like the persecution or the exclusion of Christian teaching from ruling administrations but then God doesn’t tell us to implement his teachings via force or the enactment of laws. We are to be Christian all the time even when the government in power is disobeying God’s biblical instruction.

God also does not teach the removal or usurption of power of any given government body. He does tell people to pray for political leaders, he tells us to do unto them as we would have them do unto us, he tells us to return good for evil and many other divine and holy direction. Jesus never taught rebellion or protest nor did he say a select group or individual had the right to undermine governmental process to get rid of a leader they do not like. This is where the liberals, like Michael Moore, fail. They think that they alone have the right to say who gets to hold the seat of power. Sadly for them, God did not die and leave them in charge of the Earth or human civilizations.

People like Mr. Moore need to obey the democratic process and if they lose an election then they honestly work to win the next one but that work does not include undermining the legal authority of the person in currently in charge. We re not going to throw accusations at Mr. Moore or other liberals for their failure to allow their opponents the right to rule and elect the leaders of their country. Their misguided behavior and words condemn them.

Christians need to be better than those who are politically intolerant of others. They must demonstrate God’s ways all the time even when liberals win an election and put in office a leader who is opposed to Christian teaching. There is no biblical teaching that allows believers to disobey God and his biblical instruction. Even in politics we have no permission to sin. So Mr. Moore and his friends are prime examples of what NOT to do. Mr. Trump won the election fairly and without cheating thus he has the right and legal authority to rule. Unless he committed an actual crime, no one has the right to force him from office.

So far what we have observed is that the liberal faction cannot be honest and are trying to make up crimes to remove Mr. Trump. All that shows is that the liberal part of the country are poor losers, spoiled little babies (referring to those people refusing to go to the White House after a victory), selfish as they think they are the only ones with the right to elect a leader and many more negative characteristics. So far the liberals have proven they are far from biblical teaching as one can get and that they have nothing to offer any one

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