26 Feb

A pastor quoted the verse containing the titled word stating that Christians need to persevere in times of trouble BUT what he forgot to mention is that perseverance does not keep other believers from providing aid to those who are struggling in their lives.

Too often many believers will use that word to escape from being involved and helping in the lives of those who need help. People with real problems need and want real answers and solutions. They do not want pity, more prayer, or be left in the middle of their struggle with no help from those far more financially stable.

We are to bear one another’s burdens yet the people who preach that are the ones who run the fastest when real burdens are brought to them.

How can one persevere when they are left in their troubles and provided no aid by those who call themselves Christian?

We were talking to another pastor this past week and he agreed with us when we said  we get better help from non-believers than we do believers. He faces the same problems we do and gets little help from believers. How sad is that?

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