The Death Penalty

24 Feb

We have discussed this before and we do not want to rehash old arguments but we feel that many believers are very misguided in this issue. The thing is we do not believe that misguided thinking is solely on the side of those who support the death penalty for certain crimes.

Writing on his blog last year, Olson opined that authentic Christians must oppose the capital punishment for one distinctly theological reason.

“When we take another human life unnecessarily, we usurp God’s prerogative for that person’s eventual salvation or, if they are already saved, for that person’s future service for the Kingdom of God,” Olson wrote

The problem with that is God did not make that exception when he established the death penalty. Of course we can use mercy and let those deserving of death live but let’s not put ourselves in the place of God and establish reasons God did not create when he instituted the death penalty. If we are not going to put them to death,let’s be honest about it. No one knows if a man or woman sentenced to death will convert so the logic behind that quoted reasoning is very flawed. We are not usurping God’s prerogative for the death penalty recipient by obeying God. God knows the hearts of the criminal and he knows which one will or will not repent of their sins and accept Christ as their savior. It is best to follow God’s leading when he implement mercy and allow God to choose who gets a reprieve from the death penalty and who does not.Evangelism does not influence obedience nor allows us to ignore God’s instructions on how we are to behave in all issues.

BUT since governments exile God from their rule, then this cannot take place unless the believer really prays and asks God to intervene.

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