When The Say It Better Than Us

23 Feb

This is a very well written article by Michael Brown and great food for thought. We will post only a few excerpts

This is not rocket science, and Beggs would not be allowed to compete in a college-level or Olympic or professional match while on steroids. (Is this why Beggs is undefeated this season?)

Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are banned for logical, obvious reasons, yet logic seems to stop at the door when it comes to transgender activism.

Accordingly, Beggs grandmother (and guardian), rather than recognizing how unfair this all was to the other girls who worked so hard to be there, could only say, “Today was not about their students winning. Today was about bias, hatred and ignorance.”


And, she alleges, “People were deliberately trying to hurt me all of the time. I had never been called the B-word so many times in my life than I was in my rookie season. I’d never been thrown to the ground so much. The message was: ‘We want you to know we don’t like you.'”

Could this be true?

If it is, even if her estimate about the percentage of lesbian players is too high, don’t expect her story to get much traction in the news. After all, straights are never the victims, only gays are the victims, and because Wiggins is straight and therefore part of the dominant culture, she can’t be the victim. Straights are the bullies, so suck it up, lady, and stop complaining.


Back in Texas, the NFL and NBA have warned the state that if they pass a bill similar to North Carolina, which, among other things, forbids boys who believe they are girls from playing on girls’ sports teams or using the girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, the state will be severely punished by the leagues.

Responding to the NFL, which was the first to threaten Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott said, “The last thing the NFL needs to do is to get into the business of telling states how to operate their own political operations.” Indeed.

And what will the NFL and NBA (and NCAA and others) do if state after state does the right thing and protects the privacy and rights of its citizens? Hopefully, we’ll find out in the years ahead as the pushback against radical LGBT activism continues.
When USDA officials were touring the plant for an inspection, “they noticed a handful of brochures on the breakroom table about natural marriage. As Don tells it, the article was mixed in with the stacks of newspapers celebrating the recent Supreme Court decision redefining marriage. Even so, the on-site officers took offense to the literature, walked into Don’s office, closed both doors, and told him they’d call off the inspection if the material wasn’t removed.”

So, the Christian owner of a meatpacking center employing 45 workers was given an ultimatum by USDA officials – who were there to inspect the meat operation, not the beliefs, of Vander Boom – telling him that if he didn’t remove the material on marriage, there would be no inspection, as a result of which the center would be shut down.

We have always been against sports organizations forcing certain views upon different states. It started with Arizona many years back when the people of that state did not vote for establishing a Martin Luther King holiday. Sports organizations do not have the right to force their views on a people of a state, usurp the democratic process and step on the rights of the people of any state. The sports organizations are wrong in this matter and need to be slapped down and spanked for their violation of democratic princip-les.

Government, on the other hand, tends to go too far in ‘protecting’ certain group of people. Their rush to protect the rights of a minute minority has them trampling the rights of others.That is not right especially when those small groups already enjoy the same rights as other members of a nation. It is not the fault of those who follow the rules when some ultra-small groups reject the rights they have access to. That responsibility lies with the alternative groups. If they reject the rights that are available to them, they are not entitled to create rights tailored to their abnormal preferences.

Right and wrong, good and evil, normal and abnormal and morality and immorality do not depend upon ‘rights’ to establish  the norm for society. Those standards come from God and no matter how hard the practitioners of the latter words of those groups of terms try they cannot use ‘rights’ to change their sinful, abnormal, wrong, evil, immoral behavior and pronounce them good, normal, correct or even moral. Their status depends upon God’s declaration and so far God has not changed his mind on what is or isn’t sin.

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