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12 Feb

At the end of the church service today the church played the song, I’ll Fly Away, you know how it goes, ‘when this life is over…’ and it got me thinking about how so many believers tend to be selfish in their christian thinking. They have received redemption, forgiveness and salvation yet do not care if anyone else receives it as well as they want to catch the first flight to heaven and leave this earth.

We believers cannot afford to be selfish in our thinking when it comes to the spiritually lost. We need to remember that we fight against powers and principalities etc, and not flesh and blood. Our fellow humans need compassion and help to be freed from sin and those evil forces which enslave them. Wishing to get to heaven while there is work to be done is not the correct Christian attitude to have. We need to look upon the lost as Jesus does and forget our desires and get involved in the unbelievers’ lives in such a way that more people will find Jesus as their savior.

This does not mean that every person must give a gospel message every time they approach an unbeliever. It may mean planting seeds and watering them via good works, visiting them in the hospital, helping around their homes and so much more. It may mean sitting with them when something bad happens to one of their family members or going to prison to visit prisoners.

We can share our faith when the unbeliever asks why are we doing these good deeds for them. There is no need to cold call with the four spiritual laws, etc., and force the conversation. Take an interest in their lives, learn to care for them and treat them like the humans they are. Let’s leave the judging and condemnation to God and get busy obeying his will.

If you do not know how to do good works for others, the gospels and the book of Acts is full of examples to follow. Just being a friend also goes a long way and being a friend does not mean compromising or changing one’s beliefs but using those beliefs to guide you in your friendship with the unsaved.We must remember that before we were saved we needed good friends to be there for us so do unto others as you would like to be treated and learn how to be a Christian friend to those who are in need of a good friend.

Oh and being a friend does not mean our beliefs are influenced by secular thinking. We still need to follow God’s rules for our lives. As a Dallas Theological Seminary professor once said to his son who wanted to hang out with his unchristian friends–‘it is okay as long as you influence them and they do not influence you’. It wasn’t long before those unsaved friends were redeemed by Christ.

Influence others for Christ do not let them influence you away from salvation and eternal life with God.

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