This Is Absurd!!

06 Feb

The British Medical Association has asked its 160,000 members who work in hospitals and general practice across that country not to call pregnant women “mothers” to show sensitivity toward transgender people, according to reports.

Pandering to those who choose to pervert and alter themselves has got to stop. The transgender is the abnormal person not the pregnant MOTHER. The transgender should be showing sensitivity to the pregnant women not the other way around. The transgender person is the usurper of right and wrong, the violator of what is normal, the one discontented with their birth gender so they must take pains to be sensitive to those who do everything right and accept their birth gender and identity.

God did not make transgendered people. Those ideas come from evil alone and are not biblically or divinely approved. The transgendered person is the one deceived not those who accept who they are, they are the ones who need counseling, correction and guided back to what is right about their lives NOT the person who accepts who they are and live as they are.

The secular world has gone insane in this issue and so have many church denominations and ‘christian’ individuals. God is not the one who needs correction in this matter. God is the one who is to be obeyed not told he needs to be sensitive to those who fall to the deception evil places in their lives.We do not support deception but bring people out of it so that they can live proper lives, hoping that they will repent of their sins and become believers in Jesus. At no time are we to say that transgenderism is normal, healthy or okay. It is none of those things.

But while transgenderism is wrong, sin and abnormal, we do not throw those people away and leave them for the unchurched world to minister to or meet their physical needs. We must still treat them as Jesus would want. When Jesus said ‘when you do it unto the least of these you do it unto me’ he did not leave out transgendered people from the group ‘the least of these’.

We can help them without compromising our faith and beliefs and without accepting their sin and abnormality. Jesus did it when he ate with the sinners.We need to minister to these people correctly not supporting their decisions but calling it what it is–something from evil and not from God. Transgendered people must repent of their sins, give up their transgendered identification and desires and be made new creatures through redemption in Christ. They are not Christians or part of the church if they do not follow the rules of God for salvation and redemption.They cannot be accepted as part of the family of God if they do not repent of all their sins, including transgenderism, and actually become a part of the kingdom of God.

God does not allow sin in his kingdom and we must not include anyone in God’s kingdom who has not truly been redeemed by Christ.Secular scientists, psychologists and other unbelieving social workers do not have the truth nor the inside track on this issue. They are as deceived as the transgendered person and do not have the truth about this issue.The church needs to take its lead from the Holy Spirit and go for the truth not the faulty theories of those in need of a savior and the truth.

The church and the believer cannot follow that absurd directive but must lead the secular world to what is truly right and wrong so the issue can be solved correctly. ‘Being sensitive’ to  these people is not the correct solution; making the people who are normal to change is not the correct solution to this issue; supporting evil and sin is not the correct solution to this issue. The correct solution is to identify the problem for what it is–sin– and then provide the correct spiritual answer to the problem.

Too many children are being trapped in sin because the church allows the secular world to lead in spiritual problems and that is just not right.


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