But It Must Be Done Biblically Correct

04 Feb

Another article we liked is the following,

But this time we probably will make a few comments on his points. The first quote is just for consideration:

A paraphrase that is often attributed to Alexis De Tocqueville — a Frenchman who authored Democracy in America in the early 1800s, helps to open this letter: “I looked throughout America to find where her greatness originated. I looked for it in her harbors and on her shorelines, in her fertile fields and boundless prairies, and in her gold mines and vast world commerce, but it was not there.”

“It was not until I went to the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her success. America is great because she is good, and if America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

Evil destroys. There is nothing good that comes from evil or pursuing it.  Churches and Christians must get back on track with God’s standards of right and wrong if they want to make any impact for Jesus. They cannot invent their own standards, their own ideology nor can they change what God has written to fit their personal subjective beliefs. They must humble themselves and obey God correctly.

Pastors (and Christian leaders alike) must take responsibility for the spiritual health of today’s church, and the nation. We don’t need more marketing plans, demographic studies, or giving campaigns; we need men filled with the Spirit of God

This is important. Pastors are the spiritual leaders of their congregation and it has been said ‘as the pastor goes so goes the church’ so this is a huge responsibility for the pastoral staff. They need to get serious about God and their calling then lead God’s people humbly and correctly. That author has 4 points to consider

1. Return to the prayer closet

We are sure many pastors are doing this already and the fault of bad churches does not necessarily lie with the pastor or his staff. But the prayer time needs to be honest, serious, coming from the heart. If the pastor wants his people to follow him then he needs to set the right example.

2. Return to a separated life

Again this may not apply to all pastors. Most preachers have little time to be a ‘man of the world’ so to speak. What I do not like about that author’s points is that they are to general in nature and indict those pastors who are already doing these things and more.

3. Worship must be a priority

Worship is easy, obeying is hard. So we would say to do both.Worship God honestly all the time but strive to be an obedient servant and do God’s will not people’s.

4. Preach the difficult truths — they set people free.

Yes but do so with the correct love attitude.  Tact and wisdom play a part here as both characteristics help communicate God’s message effectively. Offending someone is not our goal nor yardstick but following the Holy Spirit to the right words to say is vital. We do not preach sermons to please that author but obey God and preach the sermons he wants spoken.

These type of articles are needed as a reminder of how pastors should do their duties but often they do more harm than good as not enough detail is provided and many innocent pastors may be hurt by being included in the group that is not doing their job correctly.The authors of these type of articles should also take more time in their writing so that they can communicate effectively as every pastor knows they will hear about these articles from well-meaning members of their church, people who may not know how to use the articles in the right way.

Declaring pastors are doing it wrong is easy for it allows the author’s to avoid dealing with the real problems of the church and ignore the fact that the other members of leadership or the congregation in general are the real problem for the individual church. Blaming the pastor for the ills of the church is like blaming the teacher for the student who refuses to learn.

A lot of the time it is not the pastor’s fault for he has done all he can to bring his congregation the right spiritual way and they just refuse to learn or follow.

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