We Have Been Silent

03 Feb

on the refugee issue.  This is a difficult problem because no matter how one decides to think and act, there will be emotional responses from either side of the issue.We know what Trump did

While thousands of protesters across the nation have rallied together to voice their disapproval of Trump’s order that halts the United States’ entire refugee resettlement program for 120 days, Lentz says it’s the church’s job to look after refugees, not the government’s.

and we have no problem with his executive order because every government gets to set the rules on who can enter their country. Germany cannot do it for America and America cannot do it for France, and so on.  Trump is the elected official who gets to rewrite the rules for America and if people do not like his rules, they are free to spend their own money and run for president of that country then change those rules.

We do not necessarily agree that the refugee problem is a church problem

“It’s the government’s job to create laws to protect our country. We do need reforms, we do need things to change, but it’s the church’s job to love,” he continued. “It’s the church’s job to not see where you’re from, to not see the color of your skin, to not see what you have in your possession — to love you simply for the fact that we have been loved.”

because churches do not have the authority to say who can enter a given country’s borders. That authority is the sole domain of the government, they are the ones given the power to oversee a nation.The church also does not have the resources to vet each refugee. Using the word love to bully others into doing what you want is not the correct way to use scripture. Nor is it the correct Christian attitude.

Believers and churches must seek God on how to respond to this issue and if it means letting Trump pace a stay on resettling refugees while new rules are being written then so be it.  If it means sending financial and other aid to an organization to help these people endure their trial then so be it, each believer and church must follow what God wants them to do. The government in power has the right and the authority to deal with the refugee problem, the church has the right and authority to meet needs but meeting those needs cannot usurp the authority of the government.

There are ways to help refugees without attacking or disobeying the government and remain blameless in this issue.The church must stay within the biblical instructions boundaries correctly so that God will get the glory and people will see God at work even in this problem. We cannot violate God’s guidelines nor can we blindly apply certain scriptures to support our personal points of view on this or any issue.

Christians and churches get their marching orders from God thus we must be careful when we try to enlist other believers to our personal perspective in giving aid to others.God may not want them to be involved in that way. Yes we must do unto others but doing unto others does not mean we lead them to sin or violate the rules and laws of the very country we want to bring them to.

The refugee issue is a fine line and not everyone is going to agree with what has just been written. That is fine but what has been written has not told anyone to stop helping refugees or go against the government. it is saying be careful how you apply scripture and make sure you know your leading is from God.Bad Christian behavior no matter which side you are on is detrimental to he work of the church and Christ.


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