LGBTQ Rights

02 Feb

We have no problem if these supposed rights are the same for everyone but if they place a higher distinction or grant extra protection than what others enjoy then we cannot accept nor endorse such thinking. We believe that it is christian to help LGBTQ members to get work, find a home, feed them if they are hungry and give them financial aid when they are in need but none of those actions are designed nor are meant to support or accept or legitimize their choice to be abnormal, sinful and wrong.

It is wrong to be a LGBTQ person and nothing is going to change that status no matter what. God is the one who drew the line in the sand and no one has the authority to alter that line. it is up to the people of this world to choose to obey God. But if they don’t they must be ready to accept the consequences. No amount of conferring rights alters God’s standards of right and wrong, moral and immorality and good and evil. Rights do not trump God’s standards.

The LGBTQ community may get survivor benefits from social security or other benefits they seek from the world but those accomplishments do not alter the fact that they are still sinning, still disobeying God, still practicing an abomination and in danger of going to hell. This is as basic as it gets and saying things like this is not a hate crime but trying to open the eyes of those who think that unrepentant LGBTQ people are Christian and find favor with God.  They don’t. God loves them but that love does not allow the LGBTQ people to skip the criteria that one must repent of all their sins and be born again if they want to make it into heaven.

God does not accept sin into his kingdom for if he did that would not make paradise much of a paradise. The standard of sin comes from God as well and no one can change that so if a LGBTQ member or supporter says that LGBTQ practices and preferences are not sin then they are lying to everyone and not a friend to anyone.We must accept God’s declaration of what is or isn’t sin then abide by it so that we do not lose out on going to heaven.

One last thing, LGBTQ members are to receive God’s justice no matter which side of the infraction they are on, they are to receive God’s fairness and so on but such treatment again does not change their sinful lifestyle to a sinless and holy one.


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