Pray For Your Leaders

01 Feb

Fifth and finally, I don’t understand why evangelicals who voted for Trump feel the need to defend everything he does and even how he does it (and I am one who voted for him and who at times has defended him). Not only does this give further fuel to the fire of those critics who claim that we are hurting our Christian witness by supporting him, but it eliminates our high calling to be the president’s “loyal opposition” at times (to borrow a phrased coined by biblical scholar Yochanan Muffs regarding Israel’s prophets). If we truly care for and support the president, we should demonstrate that by lovingly opposing him when we feel he has done wrong.

Christians do not have to defend Trump or his moves. He is responsible fr his own decisions. I like Trump and while some of his moves are head scratchers I find that the Democrats or Liberals who oppose him are not really looking at the issues they are protesting. They also forget that those in power have the right to govern as they see fit.

What Christians are to do is pray for Trump and his people for they like Pastors and a church staff, need a lot of prayer. But this prayer is not our own biased ulterior motive agenda type prayer but a godly one that allows us to see more than just our personal perspective when we pray for political leaders. Nor are we to pray that our will be done but rather that God’s will will be done through those in power.

Prayer is not to be a means to get our subjective ideas implemented for far too many people have their own subjective ideas that they want to see used in any administration and they all vastly differ from one another. Our prayers should be bringing God’s ways to those in power and that they will accept God’s guidance and learn how to implement God’s justice, God’s fairness, God’s direction for their country and all of those, though they are not limited to those three options, may be very different from a person’s perspective.

Our prayer life should reflect God’s will and not our own even for our leaders as God is the one they will give an account to and they are to administer and follow biblical instruction even in governing those who do not believe. While abortion may not be overturned, believers must realize that the legality of that act does not allow them to ignore biblical teaching on how to treat others. The same thing for any other issue a Christian does not like to see given credence by their political leaders.

Anti-biblical behavior does not bring people to the gospel and redemption. The believer should never be a member of any political party in their prayer life. They should be a member of God’s kingdom and looking at the issue from God’s perspective.They need to see more than their limited political stance and learning God’s perspective will go a long ways in helping believers pray.

Remember there is no biblical teaching to protest or interfere with government operations.  Biblical teaching will guide one in addressing those issues one does not like and those politicians they prefer not to hold office.

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