It Takes More Than 1 Person

01 Feb

Paul in 1 Corinthians spells out for us how one person may plant a seed  in an unbeliever, another waters that seed and finally someone harvests it so we can say that evangelism needs at least 3 people to bring about conversion. Sometimes those 3 people can be rolled into one but not everyone is an evangelist and not everyone can give a gospel message in a normal conversation.

Those not given the gift of evangelism need to be content with the fact that they may simply be planters or waterers and those acts do not depend upon presenting an evangelistic content in their conversations. Sometimes all it takes is to be known as a believer and live life as God wants. Planting and watering seeds do not depend upon the gospel message being told over and over to the same person. Acts of kindness, acts of helping, and other christian behavior can do the job and some times better than those who only give a gospel message yet do not care about the person they are trying to win for Christ.

Caring for others goes a long ways and you will see in the book of Acts how the early church cared for their fellow believers and those outside of the faith.  Doing good does better than ignoring the physical needs of those around us.

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