Ancient Medicine

01 Feb

There is a new article out on ancient medical practices over at BAS

The following is the best line of the article:

Similar in some ways to the modern spa

If you study the ancient world a lot then you will realize how similar it was to the modern world. The archaeologist and scholars who try to make the ancient world out to be vastly different from the modern world are only fooling themselves and those who believe them.Yes ancient people invoked gods to help them but then so do many modern religious groups outside of the Christian world.

The attempt to make the ancient practitioners out to be hocus pocus witchdoctor types is erroneous as we know that there were solid medical practices in the medical field long before history came to the modern age. The modern world has witchdoctor types and many quacks who peddle any type of cure in order to make a buck. the ancient world would be no different

By examining the bone regrowth around the surgical hole in the skull, scientists are able to determine how long the patient survived after undergoing the procedure. Some patients died immediately, some lived only a few weeks, but others seem to have healed completely.

Just like today.

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