The State Of The Church

17 Jan

In his book Red Letter Christians we only could agree with Tony Campolo on the following quote

One of the main reasons I became a Christian was that I was told that I would be joining an army that was doing battle with evil forces, powers that were all too evident and often in control of the world around me. I was told that I would be joining with other Christians and participating with God in revolutionizing society. Such a calling whetted my appetite to do something heroic with my life! But once recruited I was told my assignment in the army was to be a recruiting sergeant whose duty was to recruit other recruiting sergeants who in turn would recruit other recruiters… and so on. It wasn’t long before I had the sense that this army I had joined was not much more than a battalion of recruiters who were recruiting to recruit recruiters, ad infinitum. I was led to believe that this was the only responsibility of Christians.(pg 34-35)

It is the very last line that reflects the state of the church today as so many offices of the Christian body go unfilled because church leaders only want evangelism done in their churches. We need so much more in the church than just recruiting recruiters.

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