Excuses, Excuses

13 Jan

Carol Blythe, spokesperson for Calvary Baptist, told The Christian Post that this was the first time the progressive congregation had an openly gay leadership.

“Scripture is full of heroes of the faith who history, tradition, and religious authorities said could not be used, and yet these men and women were the very ones God chose to do God’s work in the world,” said Blythe.

This is not a valid reason to hire unrepentant, practicing sinners to lead God’s congregation.

Calvary’s only criteria for hiring our new senior ministers was to discern who God was leading us to for this time in our church’s 150-year history and it is clear it was Maria and Sally.”

Then they need to re-read the Bible and see God’s requirements governing church leadership. Obviously they are ignoring God and not following his leading

The Rev. Amy Butler, the senior pastor at Calvary Baptist at the time, told CP in a 2012 interview that the decision came due to assorted differences the congregation had with the SBC.

“We felt that the Southern Baptist Convention and their approach in dealing with public media and how they stand on issues [are] not in keeping with our Baptist principles: autonomy of the local church, separation of church and state, priesthood of all believers,” said Butler.

They seem to have a history of ignoring God’s leading and requirements for the church.

Paula Clayton Dempsey, director of partnership relations for the Alliance, told CP that there should be no issue with Calvary Baptist being led by a same-sex couple since her organization is pro-gay marriage.

“In our 2004 statement on same-sex marriage, the Alliance said, ‘We affirm that the Alliance of Baptists supports the rights of all citizens to full marriage equality, and we affirm anew that the Alliance will ‘create places of refuge and renewal for those who are ignored by the church,'” noted Dempsey.

Since they do not follow God this thinking is understandable.  She is wrong, very wrong of course, but then in today’s world people think very little of God and his ways (see Something To Consider C)

Do not expect unbelievers to repent and follow God when those who say they follow Him do not repent and follow God.

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