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09 Jan

Craig Bartholomew points out how foreign it is for any university Department of Theology to view the Bible as God’s word.This has been true for a long time but in its most recent phase scholars feel the biblical text cannot be said to have a true meaning… but only a variety of different interpretations put forward by a plurality of scholars. The marketplace of ideas that clusters around the banner of hermeneutics reduces clarity and certainty but is one that is positively welcomed by the academy. It means you can make the Bible say what you like and convincingly argue that it says the exact opposite of what it appears to be saying on the surface.

Ordinary Christians …are just as guilty of doing the same eve if they do not use the fancy academic apparatus of intellectuals to justify it. We pick and choose the bits of the Bible that suit us. We read it selectively and interpret it to our own advantage . We ignore the uncomfortable bits or write off those bits  that jar with contemporary culture…by saying the writers were only addressing the first century church and its culture (pg. 99 Discerning the Spirit of the Age by Derek Tidball)

He is right of course as no one wants the truth any more.

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