The Ignorance Of Bible Scholars

23 Dec

These men and women and many Christian professors and pastors tell people that they must ‘interpret’ the bible according to the culture of the time the bible was written. They do so knowing full well that there is absolutely NO biblical instruction from anyone including both God and Jesus to do so. They also say this knowing that the bible was written during many different cultural influences. During the time of Moses the people of Israel were nomads; then Joshua and judges when they were conquering the promised and and living in disobedience to God; then we have the time of stability and the united monarchy and then the divided kingdoms and exile. We end up with the Greek and roman cultures.

So the idea of ‘the culture of that time’ is of no use and only is used as an excuse to disobey Gd and his instructions. There is only one culture that influences the Bible and that is the infallible, incorruptible, everlasting kingdom of God overseen by a Holy and just God who knows what he wants and what he wants his followers to do and has provided the right instructions for them to adhere to.

Those who use ‘the culture of that time’ ideology are misleading the people of God and helping them to sin against him. Time fr the church to stop listening t those who refuse to obey Gd and start back n the right path to obedience and holiness.If the church of God does not follow Gd’s instructions correctly, who will?”

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