The Ignorance Of Archaeologists

19 Dec

This is seen in the many theories they propose about the past. One such theory is how the Egyptians constructed the Pyramids.  The archaeologist/Egyptologist/bible scholar find a few copper hand tools and make wild assumptions that those were all the tools and equipment the Egyptians had at their disposal. This group of scholars assume that they will find building equipment at long completed structures/ What they do not realize is that once a building is completed, even in the ancient past, the construction companies take their equipment back to their warehouses to await the next contract or they move them to their next project.

We now that cranes were n existence in the ancient world so it stands to reason that if the Egyptians used them, they did not leave them on site for future generations to marvel at. They moved them to their next big job.  How intelligent people can think that a group of people moved and shaped multi-ton blocks with just ropes and copper tools is beyond belief..

Most archaeologists do not use the modern world to interpret the past, maybe they should for then they would not look so foolish.

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