Distorted View of Jesus

05 Dec

Many of you ay have heard of the internet monk, Mark Spencer, who died in 2010. We became acquainted with hi this year when we came across a copy of his book Mere Churchianity. His work. and we are not including is blog as we never read it, is the typical product of those who become disillusioned with the church in general.

It is not a great book as it includes the same rhetoric we come across when we read the websites of those who are dissatisfied with the organized church.  For some reason both Mr. Spencer and those like him, develop a distorted view of Jesus and the Bible as they search for the ultimate way to live Christianity. They all want biblical teaching applied to them but refuse to grant the same to those they attack, criticize and malign with so many unsupported accusations and over-generalizations.

These people seem to try to separate Jesus and his words from the rest of the Bible in hopes of being more spiritual than those they are disgusted with and fail to see that all the Bible are the words of Jesus. As Jesus prayed to his father  in John17:8

For I have given them the words which you have given to me and they have received them

All the words of the biblical authors come from Jesus and cannot be separated from the red letters found in most versions of the gospels. But these disillusioned people try anyways. Then they make outrageous statements such as

When I finally abandoned the search for the real church and recognized that Jesus was leading people way from hidebound, rules based religion…’ (pg. 109)

all the while forgetting that Jesus made rules.  i.e. no divorce except in the case of adultery, do unto others and so many more.These people in their haste to get to a purer form of religion miss it because they have become blind to what the Bible says. They want Christianity to be the way they want it to be not the way God designed it.

They do not follow the Holy Spirit to the truth but seek what appeals to them ignoring the words of Jesus concerning false teachers, and evil’s attempts to destroy their faith. They also ignore sin and how God excludes that from his kingdom in their rush to practice a very distorted version of ‘love thy neighbor’. They are deceived about those who claim to be believers yet refuse to give up their sins to be an actual believer.

People like Mr. Spencer are part of the problem for the church as their distorted views of Jesus lead many astray and to destruction.

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