A.W. Tozer On Evangelism

01 Dec

Taken from Mysteries of the Holy Spirit by A.W Tozer pgs. 40-41 and the words apply to all age groups

I think a big mistake we make with our young people is, as soon as they are converted to Christ, we start them out right away in some Christian activity. My brethren, we are not prepared to do the work of the Lord when we re just born again…But as soon as a young person is born again, we give him a bunch of tracts and say ‘Now Bud, get going.’ And the result is Christianity has taken on the spirit of amateurism… Christianity has leveled down and the high quality is gone. We are as light as butterflies. We flit around in the sunshine, imagining we are eagles flapping our wings above the rocks of God. Instead of that we are butterflies. We are trying to work when we are not prepared to work


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