Absolutely Correct

17 Nov

But we must remember that religion is not the only ideal or ideology that can be abused and turned toward evil purposes. Other alternatives exist, such as liberty, equality, community, tolerance and even atheism. We noted earlier that when a society becomes more secularized it will tend to elevate any number of alternative nonreligious ideals to the level of…’quasi divine authority’ that no one is permitted to challenge. (Why People Don’t Believe by Paul Chamberlain pg. 149-50)

We see this taking place constantly  in the forms of political correctness, equality for same-sex marriage and bathroom use, or rights over right and wrong. The examples are many but the church must not succumb to the bullies of the secular world and continue to side with God declaring his standards to and be a light unto a dark world.

We cannot afford to compromise but teach the bible correctly so that all may know what is the right path to follow.

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