Absolutely Not True 2

15 Nov

The first thing to remember is that all texts must be interpreted within their historical, social and literary context. This is especially true of texts that seem puzzling to us due to the great historical and cultural distances that separate us from them. To do otherwise is to impose on a text present-day standards that are not relevant to the time the text was written; it is to misread the text. )Why People Don’t Believe by Paul Chamberlain pg. 105)

This may be true for secular works but it is not true for the Bible. While the Bible does record some cultural actions on the part of the figures the biblical authors mention, the Bible does not bring to the world an ancient human mindset that is flexible in nature.

The only culture that the Bible originated from was God’s holy culture found in his kingdom not any sinful, fallible earthly mentality. If the Bible was written as the quote suggest, as an earthly work, then we have nothing to guide us today nor tell us what is right or wrong. We do not interpret the Bible but look for the truth and to get to the truth we must remember that God’s will and directions do not come from humans whether they be prophets or secular but from God directly who does not change and who transcends all cultures.

In other words God’s word written thousands of years ago applies to today for God and his will have not changed.

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