Absolutely Wrong

11 Nov

There will be no archaeology news this week, we apologize for that.

Even atheist Stephen Jay Gould… makes it clear in his book Rock of Ages that the natural sciences are entirely consistent with religious belief and thus one does not have to give up religious belief in order to be an honest scientist. (Why People Do Not Believe by Paul Chamberlain page 97)

What makes this wrong is that the late Mr. Gould and other humans are not God and they do not have a say in what is or isn’t compatible with biblical belief or teaching. God alone has that authority which is why he taught us about true and false teachers and teachings. You cannot hold to an evolutionary belief and a biblical view of origins, you must choose one or the other.

Evolution is wrong, a lie and not of God and this goes for any alternative to Genesis 1. “Christians’ who agree with Gould are misled, deceived and in error.

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