New Does Not Trump Old

09 Nov

In both the Muslim and Mormon faith  there is the thinking that new revelations trump old ones. This is done to make sure those false religions can get out of difficult spots. What this means is the gods of those faulty faiths can change their minds and if they can change their minds on simple issues like adoption or polygamy what is stopping them from changing their minds about who is or isn’t saved?  Their gods do not give their followers peace of mind nor the peace that passes understanding but keeps them insecure and always trying to be saved.

With God, he does not change thus new revelations do not trump old ones. That means that scientific discoveries do not trump biblical teaching, that those claiming to have new revelations from God are lying; and that the New Testament works hand in hand with the Old not in contradiction to it. God provides his followers with peace of mind and the peace that passes all understanding because we know that God will not change on his plan of salvation and who gets to enter into heaven.

His followers know exactly what to do and can relax because the rules do not change with God. This means that the homosexual, the transgender and the rest of the LGBTQ community will not see heaven. They must give up their sexual sins and let Jesus redeem them, turning them into new creatures in order for them to enter paradise.

God and his rules do not change and it is not God who has to humble himself and change but those who need to be freed from their sins.

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