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07 Nov

As a rule we do not normally spend time addressing the comments made by others on their own websites but today is an exception as we look at a few statements made at

The real issue here is not the concept of innocent until proven guilty, but rather, ensuring that in cases where serious crimes are being investigated, the alleged offender cannot be given carte blanche to wander freely, especially where children are concerned. There is a duty of care here, and speaking as a parent, I would want to be aware.

As is normal for emotional crimes, people will throw out the codes that guide legal action.  To obtain justice we do not throw out the codes when we feel like it or when children are involved.

Thankfully, the Bible is not how we derive laws that provide equality and equity in society. Don’t believe in same-sex marriage? Consider it a sin? You have the right to believe that. You don’t have the right to decide that for everyone else.

Actually the Bible or God’s rules have been the source for almost all laws on the books. What that author is not realizing is that governments have been given the power to rule by God and they are free to impose any law thy  feel like, whether homosexuals or Christians like them or not.  People are also free to lobby their representatives and get laws passed– no one said those efforts were correct, just or fair.  No one is going to like all the laws that are passed.

I don’t object, in theory, to someone who is religious getting involved in politics, or even if a party is set up along these lines. What such a person (or party) needs to understand is that they cannot make laws and rules based on their beliefs, for these will inevitably trample upon the values of others. If someone does not believe in God, are they still required to live by God’s rules?

The problem here is that the unbelieving world think they know better than God and can make better laws than he. They are quite wrong on this issue. They do not like a lot of God’s rules because they want to practice sin and love darkness over light.  If we did not curtail sin, then the world would be far worse than it is and what unbelievers do not realize is that they very thing they are looking for is found in God and his rules. They want peace, low crime, paradise, etc., those things, as has been proven over the millennia cannot be achieved via secular rule.

TA seems to think he has a monopoly on how to interpret the Bible and Scripture. He doesn’t.

They always come to the interpretation argument. They do not like the truth so they try to make the bible out to be some people’s personal views. Sorry but there is one truth and we stated it in that post

No TA, you’re called homophobic because you would happily discriminate against the LGBTQ community, refusing them service, because you believe a public business is somehow above the laws and regulations that the owners agreed to abide by when they started their business.

The distorted use of the word ‘discriminate’ also rears its head. You can’t argue with those who refuse to grant the rights and freedoms they demand to those who disagree with them.

This is just funny. Yes, it’s TA’s site. He has the final say on comments. However, he cannot stop anyone else from commenting elsewhere. I somehow doubt his site is worth $100,000.

No one said it was worth that amount, but if someone want a say on how the comments appear, that is what it will cost a person.

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