Red Letter Christians 3

02 Nov

These people were in the news recently and while they may do good work in social action and political issues I find that they are very misguided when it comes to applying the Bible correctly. There are several things that they just do not understand.

#1. They are great at looking at Jesus’ words but lousy at understanding what Jesus said. Loving your neighbor is not a one way street to the sinners or the underprivileged of the world. It is omni-directional and must be applied to existing members of the church and to the Trinity. It is not love when you advocate for unrepentant sinners to be included in the Church or God’s kingdom. You are not loving your Christian neighbor when you expose them and the church to corruption and evil’s attack unscripturally. It is not love towards the Trinity when you disobey God and call sin good.

#2.They forget that the first words Jesus spoke in beginning his ministry in Mark 1:14-17 were REPENT for the kingdom of God is at hand. They also forget that in John 3 Jesus told Nicodemus that for a person to see heaven, they must be born again and in verse 17 that the world was to be saved.  Yes Jesus said ‘love your neighbor’ and he was a friend of sinners but neither word or action excluded Jesus call to the sinners of the world to repent of their sins and he never accepted unrepentant sinners into the kingdom of God especially the members of the LGBTQ community. They had to give up their sin as well.

#3. They forget that Christians are not called to follow the red-letter christian agenda but are to serve God where he wants to send his followers. While the red-letter christians may be called to social action, not every believer is, there are other areas where God needs people. These people think their calling or agenda supersedes what God wants.

#4. Their bad use of scripture undermines their work and words. The distortion of scripture on the part of the red-letter christian is disgusting as they use the Bible to justify their behavior and work.Along with their attitudes towards those they are working for and against.  To follow Jesus’ words one must actually humbly follow them and not change them to fit one’s agenda.Then they must understand that the whole Bible are Jesus’ words and not just the red letters found in the gospels.

This is the problem when certain individuals get a ‘call’ or ‘desire’ they think is from God.They let their excitement overrule God’s actual leading and take them to unscriptural areas where God does not want them top go. We are not speaking against those calls but the misguided thinking that almost always enters in when people seek to highlight one scripture over another or one potential harvest area over others. They ignore too many of God’s instructions and badly distort the ones that support their endeavors whereby creating a very distorted ministry that causes more problems for the church. They also cause dissension and resentment in the church as they demean those who do not wholeheartedly embrace their calling. Their lack of wisdom and understanding is obvious to all except them.

When one receives a call they need to proceed wisely and remember that it is not the only call God gives out nor is it the first one sent. It should be a humbling experience motivating the called to make sure they have the truth and are following God correctly before they proceed.

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