What Mature Christians Need To Do

21 Oct

We will start with 2 quotes from the book Hearts Afire and there are more than 2 quotes that could be used to illustrate what we will talk about:

Her only troubles came from a few church members who refused to believe Tara was the pastor’s niece  and who were jealous of her growing ministry alongside the church leadership (pg. 178)

But two church members who were jealous of the attention Tara received from the pastor’s family decided to take matters into their own hands. They called the CID… (pg. 180)

Probably one of the greatest injustices that believers do to their fellow Christians is warn new believers of those people in the church who have not conquered their sins and do sinful things to other unsuspecting believers. Those people’s actions d o more than simply confuse new believers they sometimes destroy the new-found faith and make it harder for the church to reach others for Christ.

Mature believers should make sure that all their fellow Christians are properly instructed and prepare them for what these immature people do. We do not just need to protect them from unbelievers and their deceptive ideologies but from those believers evil can still use to ruin God’s people.

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