Pat Robertson

21 Oct

According to a column in The Week, conservative Christian leader Pat Robertson “needs to step down.”

The column notes that Robertson was a leader of the conservative Christian movement and the Moral Majority in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, but he has since resorted to making unsubstantiated claims and promoting conspiracy theories.

He can now be viewed as “Christianity’s crazy uncle,” according to the column.

In addition to being a leader of the Moral Majority, Robertson founded the Christian Broadcasting Network and its featured show, The 700 Club.

However, in recent years, Robertson has used the “show to spout extreme rhetoric, peddle bizarre prophecies, and fling insensitive comments. He has tarnished his reputation, diminished his influence, and embarrassed his fellow Christians.”

If perfection were the requirement for any employment position, no one would be able to work. Let’s stop calling for the most severe penalty and get back to real justice and make the punishment fit the crime. While we agree with the sentiment that he does say crazy things, forced out of one’s job is not the only answer nor should it be the first one.  We do not like it when the secular world opts for the extreme punishment for supposed offenses, we certainly do not like it when the Christian world follows suit.

We are not defending Pat Robertson but feel he deserves the right treatment not the prejudicial one that puts PC ahead of true justice.

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