The LGBT God

18 Oct

No matter how many passages of scripture from the Bible we cite to convince Pacquinao that the God of the  LGBTs is a god of love, it would be futile. I just pray that his God is not a God of hate. (Gianna Rensen Antonio The Philippine Daily Enquirer 3-11-16)

It is interesting to note the definition between a god of love and hate according to the view of that author is so flimsy and depends upon the inclusion or exclusion of the LGBTs to determine which is which.

We must ask how can the god of the LGBTs be a god of love when it allows sin and corruption into its kingdom & paradise?  Would not the god of the LGBTs be seen as a god of hate when it excludes practitioners of other sexual preferences (other than heterosexual) and other people who practice those sins like murder, rape, lying and theft? Cannot those people who practice unrepentant sin make the same arguments against the LGBT community and god that the LGBTs make against the God of the Bible?

It seems that the god of the LGBTs is a god made in their own image as it accepts & allows only their sexual sins and calls them good while excluding others. It is obviously that their god is not the same as the God of the Bible who requires all people to give up their sins to be a member of his kingdom. The LGBTs must not love their god very much since they are not willing to give up their sin for it, like they have to do for the God of the Bible. But then the LGBTs do not love the God of the Bible very much or with all of their hearts, souls and minds either as they refuse to part with their sin and want God to change to take them into his kingdom as they are without being made new by Christ.

The god of the LGBTs is a sinful god who does not care about anyone or himself if he lets the LGBTs into his paradise uncleansed. The LGBTs do not follow the God of the Bible nor have Jesus in their hearts. They only have sin.

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