End Times

06 Oct

There is a reason why we do not talk about the end times. It is because too many people are more focused on the rapture and getting out of here quickly than they are on doing what God wants them to do. But when we read the following quote from Our Endangered Values by Jimmy Carter we felt compelled to say something.

These believers are convinced that they have a personal responsibility to hasten this coming of the rapture in order to fulfill biblical prophecy (pg. 114)

To those people who think they can do that our response is “no, we can’t hasten the day of the rapture or end times. The reasoning for this is simple, the Bible tells us in Matthew 24:36

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

so God has already picked the day when the rapture will occur and our antics will not change his decision. So everybody needs to simply take a deep breath and put down those Tim Lahaye novels and Hal Lindsey books AND RELAX. Our duty is not to hasten the end of the world but to obey God by being good stewards of the responsibilities he has given us to do.

Our job is not to take the first bus out of here but to win souls, care for people, be the light unto the world and teach sound doctrine and so on. The church needs to take its eyes off a quick get-a-way from earth and put them on to doing serious work for God.

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